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Enrollment space for each program is limited.

Cherub's Learning Center/

Vista Learning Center

We are currently accepting students for Summer Learning Camp @GAE

 and After School Enrichment

Limited space is available for K-5 students.

Academic Associates Reading Program

We have been teaching reading using the Academic Associates Reading Program since 2004. When there is consistency in attendance (at least one hour twice a week), there is considerable improvement in the students' reading skills. This program can be provided individually or in a small group setting.

Grades K-6

  • Math     •   Science     •   Vocabulary
  • Language Arts:  Reading, Grammar & Spelling

  • Social Studies, Geography, History 

General Skills

  • Study skills     
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills

Special Occasion Camps @GAE

Thanksgiving Camp, Spring Break Camp, and Holiday Camp are set up to offer K-6 students a place to spend their day while school is not in session, while reviewing basic skills in math and reading. Additionally, we learn about the current holiday (history and traditions around the world), bake and decorate holiday treats, and make crafts for that season. Students will keep their activity book (coloring pages, word searches, crossword puzzles, stories, recipes, crafts).

Individualized Learning

All students are individuals and will grasp concepts at their own pace.  We evaluate each child and tailor our tutoring techniques to produce the highest results. Working as a team with the parents and the  school, we will help your child catch up or even get ahead. 

Group & Individual Tutoring

We offer individual tutoring and small group programs throughout the year.  The After School Enrichment program and Summer Learning Camp are in small group settings with limited enrollment.

After School Enrichment (ASE) @GAE

We work with those K-8 students who need a learning space to complete classwork or homework, who are having difficulties completing the classwork or homework, who need help with organizational skills, who need to

improve their reading and writing skills,

those who need help with study skills,

and to help students prepare for

upcoming tests. We also offer additional

assistance in vocabulary improvement,

reading skills (deciphering and

comprehension), and help with

basic math skills.