We are currently accepting students for Summer Learning Camp @GAE

 and After School Enrichment

Limited space is available for K-5 students.

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Cherub's Learning Center/

Vista Learning Center

Enrollment space for each program is limited.

 Cherub's Learning Center opened it's doors in 1999 to help the local children improve test scores, receive homework help, gain a thorough understanding of their classwork, and--most importantly--to learn to understand and enjoy the learning process.  We accomplish this through our various programs:  individual tutoring, small group tutoring, after school tutoring and enrichment, holiday camps, and Summer Learning Camp.

     Since 1999, we've partnered with various schools—both public and private—and programs to help their students reach their educational goals.  This includes our targeted tutoring program and the reading program through Academic Associates. If your elementary child needs extra help with schoolwork, contact us.

     In 2004, we teamed up with Academic Associates to improve the reading levels of our students.  Needless to say, within only two weeks, we already noticed dramatic improvements.  The students' ability to decipher words had an almost-immediate effect of improving their comprehension and the successes helped the student enjoy school more.

     Vista Learning Center (VLC), the tutoring program at Glendale Adventist Academy and Glendale Adventist Elementary, began in 2004.  This program focuses primarily on reading, comprehension, grammar, and writing for the high school students.  The VLC program has been beneficial to high school students, including ESL students and those preparing for the GED. We have now expanded the programs to include Summer Learning Camp, After School Enrichment, Spring Break Camp, and Holiday Camps for Glendale Adventist Elementary. (Although the After School Enrichment Program is only for currently-enrolled students of GAE, Summer Learning Camp and Holiday Camps are available for all community children.)

     If you are only interested in the Academic Associates Reading Program, but are not near any of the areas we serve (San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley), find a local Academic Associates  Reading​ Specialist  here.

Cherub's Learning Center & Vista Learning Center